Illustration of Odysseus tied to a ship's mast

The Odyssey

by Homer

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Book 7 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Whom does Odysseus meet on his way to Alcinoös’ palace?

2. How does Odysseus make his way to the palace without being noticed?

3. What advice does Athene give Odysseus concerning his supplication?

4. Why does Odysseus pause outside the palace?

5. What is the Phaeaceans’ reaction to Odysseus’ sudden appearance?

6. What does Odysseus do immediately after beseeching Arete?

7. What tale does Odysseus narrate briefly for the Phaeaceans?

8. Why does he tell this story?

9. What does Alcinoös propose concerning Nausikaa?

10. What extraordinary ability do the Phaeacean ships possess?

1. Odysseus encounters Athene disguised as a young girl.

2. Athene drifts a magical mist about him.

3. Athene tells Odysseus he should fall before Arete.

4. He admires the palace’s beauty.

5. The Phaeaceans are startled by the sudden appearance of Odysseus.

6. He sits in a heap of ashes.

7. He tells them of his journey from Calypso’s isle to Scheria.

8. Odysseus wants to explain to the Phaeaceans about the clothing he wears.

9. Alcinoös proposes that Odysseus marry her.

10. They may travel to any destination in the world and return in a single day.

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