Illustration of Odysseus tied to a ship's mast

The Odyssey

by Homer

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Book 6 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Who were the Phaeaceans’ former neighbors?

2. Why does Nausikaa decide to wash the palace laundry?

3. What is she too embarrassed to mention to her father?

4. What is unique about the dance performed by the Phaeacean women?

5. How is Odysseus awakened?

6. What is the handmaidens’ reaction to his appearance?

7. What is Nausikaa’s reaction to his appearance?

8. What decision must Odysseus make concerning his approach to Nausikaa?

9. What is the main reason that Odysseus appears godlike to the Phaeacean ladies?

10. Why is Nausikaa afraid to bring Odysseus into the city with her?

1. The Phaeaceans’ former neighbors were the Cyclopes.

2. Athene inspires her to do it.

3. She is embarrassed to tell her father her desire for marriage.

4. The Phaeacean women toss a ball back and forth while they dance.

5. The girls scream in excitement when the ball goes astray.

6. They flee in terror.

7. Nausikaa stands her ground.

8. He must decide whether to keep his distance or approach her and grasp her knees in supplication.

9. Athene enhances his appearance.

10. It might appear scandalous to some of the Phaeaceans.

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