Illustration of Odysseus tied to a ship's mast

The Odyssey

by Homer

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Book 5 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Who informs Calypso of Zeus’s will?

2. What is Calypso’s reaction to this information?

3. What is Odysseus’ usual activity during the day on Calypso’s island?

4. What gift does Calypso offer Odysseus to convince him to remain with her?

5. How else does she seek to dissuade him from his journey?

6. By what means does Odysseus leave the island?

7. What causes the storm winds to descend upon Odysseus?

8. What gods aid him in his distress at sea?

9. What island does he land upon?

10. What is the name of the people who reside there?

1. Hermes informs Calypso of Zeus’s will.

2. She is sad but obedient.

3. He weeps on the shore of the sea.

4. Calypso offers Odysseus immortality.

5. She warns him of the many dangers still awaiting him.

6. Odysseus leaves on a raft of his own making.

7. The storm winds are the result of Poseidon’s wrath.

8. Odysseus is aided by Leukothea and Athene.

9. Odysseus lands on the island of Scheria.

10. The inhabitants of Scheria are the Phaeaceans.

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