The Odyssey Book 22 Questions and Answers
by Homer

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Book 22 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Which suitor is the first to taste Odysseus’ vengeance?

2. What offer is made by Eurymachus to stave off Odysseus’ attack?

3. How do the suitors begin obtaining weapons and armor?

4. How does Odysseus put a stop to this?

5. How do Eumaeus and Philoitius imprison Melanthius?

6. Why are the suitors’ spears unable to find their marks?

7. Why does Odysseus ignore Leodes’ plea?

8. Whom does he spare from the slaughter?

9. Whom do Odysseus’ men execute after destroying the suitors?

10. What does Odysseus use to sterilize his hall thoroughly?

1. Antinoös is the first to taste Odysseus’ vengeance.

2. The suitors will recompense him for their crimes.

3. Melanthius retrieves the hidden equipment for them.

4. He sends Eumaeus and Philoitius to stop Melanthius.

5. They bind him and hoist him up to the roof rafters.

6. Athene diverts them.

7. As a diviner, Leodes must have prayed for Odysseus’ long absence.

8. He spares Medon and Phemius.

9. They execute Melanthius and the disloyal maidservants.

10. He uses brimstone and sulfur.