The Odyssey Book 19 Questions and Answers
by Homer

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Book 19 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What action is taken by Odysseus and Telemachus after the suitors depart?

2. Who scorns Odysseus for the second time when she sees him in the great hall?

3. When does Odysseus’ persona claim to have entertained Odysseus in Crete?

4. How does Odysseus seem to authenticate his story?

5. What does he suggest about Odysseus’ homecoming?

6. Why does Eurycleia feel sympathy for Odysseus’ persona?

7. How did Odysseus receive his name?

8. What inflicted him with the wound that formed his scar?

9. How is Odysseus represented in Penelope’s dream?

10. How does she propose to choose her husband from among the suitors?

1. They hide the weapons and armor from the great hall.

2. Odysseus is scorned by Melantho.

3. Odysseus’ persona claims to have entertained him on Odysseus’ way to Troy.

4. He describes Odysseus’ attire and personal servant perfectly.

5. Odysseus will journey to Ithaca from Thesprotia shortly.

6. His bad fortune reminds her of Odysseus.

7. His grandfather, Autolycus, named him “distasteful.”

8. The scar was inflicted by a wild boar.

9. He appears as an avenging eagle.

10. She will choose him through the contest of the bow.