The Odyssey Book 18 Questions and Answers
by Homer

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Book 18 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does Iros want to expel Odysseus from the palace?

2. Why does he begin trembling before the fight?

3. What advice is given vainly to Penelope by Eurynome?

4. What does Athene do about Penelope’s refusal?

5. How do the suitors react to the goddess’s actions towards Penelope?

6. What does Penelope prompt the suitors to do when she speaks to them?

7. In what way does Odysseus threaten the maidservants?

8. How does Odysseus respond to Eurymachus’ slanderous insults?

9. Whom does Eurymachus hit with the footstool?

10. What calms the suitors down at the end of Book XVIII?

1. He is competition for the other beggar.

2. Odysseus reveals his sinews.

3. She advises Penelope to wash herself before appearing before the suitors.

4. She drifts Penelope into a sleep that enhances her beauty.

5. They are enthralled by her beauty.

6. Penelope prompts them to bring her more gifts.

7. Odysseus threatens to tell Telemachus of their behavior.

8. He suggests that he can outdo Eurymachus at any task.

9. He hits a random cupbearer with the footstool.

10. They are calmed by Amphinomus’ words.