Book 16 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Why is Eumaeus so excited to see Telemachus?

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2. Upon what errand does Telemachus send Eumaeus?

3. What prompts Odysseus to reveal his identity to Telemachus?

4. Why is Telemachus frightened by his father’s appearance?

5. Whom does Odysseus assert will aid Telemachus and him in his struggle against the suitors?

6. With what part of Odysseus’ plan does Telemachus disagree?

7. How do the suitors learn of Telemachus’ return?

8. What prompts the suitors to disagree with Antinoös’ proposal?

9. Of what does Eurymachus falsely reassure Penelope?

10. What suggests to Eumaeus that the suitors have returned from their failed ambush?

1. He had feared for Telemachus’ life because of the suitors’ proposed ambush.

2. Telemachus sends Eumaeus to inform Penelope of his return.

3. Athene tells Odysseus to do so.

4. He thinks Odysseus is a god.

5. Odysseus asserts that Athene and Zeus will assist.

6. Telemachus disagrees that they examine all the bondsmen serving Odysseus in Ithaca.

7. A herald from among Telemachus’ companions announces his return.

8. Amphinomus dissuades them from going against the will of the gods.

9. Eurymachus falsely reassured Penelope that he will guard Telemachus against the suitors.

10. He saw a heavily armed ship put into the Ithacan port.

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