The Odyssey by Homer

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Book 15 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. To what danger does Athene alert Telemachus when she appears to him?

2. How does Helen read the portent of the eagle and the goose?

3. What does Telemachus request of Peisistratus as they approach Pylus?

4. Why does Theoclymenus wish to accompany Telemachus on his journey home?

5. In what way does Odysseus again test Eumaeus?

6. What was the swineherd’s status before he was a servant?

7. What changed that situation?

8. What happened to the Phoenician bondswoman in Eumaeus’ story?

9. What does Theoclymenus do that prompts Telemachus to change his mind concerning where the prophet will...

(The entire section is 199 words.)