The Odyssey Book 14 Questions and Answers
by Homer

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Book 14 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What happens to Odysseus as he approaches the swineherd’s dwelling?

2. What actions on the part of the suitors affect Eumaeus personally?

3. What warning does Eumaeus give the disguised Odysseus before revealing his master’s name to his guest?

4. What events have prompted Eumaeus to make this warning?

5. What island does Odysseus’ narrator claim as his home?

6. In what country did his narrator first meet disaster after the Trojan War?

7. Where did his narrator hear of Odysseus during his wanderings?

8. Why does Odysseus tell his false story about the Greeks at Troy?

9. How does Eumaeus react to the story?

10. Why does Eumaeus leave his dwelling during the stormy night?

1. Odysseus is assaulted by Eumaeus’ dogs.

2. They consume the best of his swine.

3. Eumaeus advises Odysseus not to suggest that he knows of his master’s whereabouts.

4. Many travelers have lied concerning Odysseus’ fate.

5. Odysseus’ narrator claims Crete as his home.

6. The narrator met disaster in Egypt.

7. He heard of Odysseus in Thesprotia.

8. Odysseus wishes to test Eumaeus to see if he will lend him a mantle.

9. He lends Odysseus a spare mantle.

10. He wishes to personally oversee the welfare of the pigs by sleeping outside with them.