Illustration of Odysseus tied to a ship's mast

The Odyssey

by Homer

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Book 13 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. What does Alcinoös suggest to the Phaeaceans after Odysseus ends his tale?

2. What is Odysseus’ mood during the next day of feasting?

3. What does Odysseus do while aboard the Phaeacean vessel?

4. In what strange way do the Phaeacean seamen drop Odysseus off at Ithaca?

5. Why is he unable to recognize his surroundings when he first perceives Ithaca?

6. What nervous activity does Odysseus perform concerning his treasure?

7. In what guise does Athene appear to Odysseus?

8. What important news does she deliver to him while she is in that guise?

9. What is Odysseus’ first action after learning of his arrival on Ithaca?

10. What does Athene do to Odysseus at the end of Book XIII?

1. He suggests that they endow Odysseus with even more gifts.

2. He is anxious and impatient to begin his journey.

3. He sleeps.

4. They disembark Odysseus and his goods without waking him.

5. Athene alters his perception so as to make the island unfamiliar to him.

6. He counts it to make sure the Phaeaceans have taken none of it away with them.

7. Athene appears as a young shepherd boy.

8. She tells him he is on Ithaca.

9. He assumes a disguise.

10. She transforms him into an old beggar.

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