The Odyssey by Homer

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Book 12 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What aid does Circe lend Odysseus before he departs from Aeaea?

2. How do Odysseus’ men become immune to the Sirens’ singing?

3. Why is Odysseus tied to the mast?

4. What choice must Odysseus make when passing though the perilous sea cliffs?

5. What decision does he make?

6. In what way does Odysseus ignore Circe’s advice concerning Scylla?

7. Why does Odysseus stop on Thrinacea, despite the many warnings he has been given?

8. Where is he when his men devour the cattle of Helius?

9. In what way does Helius coerce Zeus to punish Odysseus’ men?

10. Why does Odysseus end his story with his arrival on Calypso’s isle?

(The entire section is 217 words.)