The Odyssey Book 10 Questions and Answers
by Homer

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Book 10 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does Aeolus rudely banish Odysseus from his island?

2. What calamity does Odysseus’ fleet meet among the Laistrygones?

3. How does Odysseus learn of his crew’s transformation by Circe?

4. How is he able to resist her magic?

5. Why does Odysseus refuse to partake of Circe’s meal?

6. What is Eurylochus’ reaction to Odysseus’ news concerning his conquest of Circe?

7. How long does Odysseus remain on Aeaea?

8. What disturbing news does Circe break to Odysseus concerning his journey home?

9. What happens to Elpenor?

10. How do the men react to Odysseus’ news concerning their journey?

1. He feels he has no right to assist one so hated by the gods.

2. All but one of his ships are destroyed.

3. Eurylochus escapes to inform him of the calamity.

4. Hermes lends him the moly plant.

5. He wants his men freed from their transformation first.

6. He angrily asserts that the men should flee Circe and ignore Odysseus’ folly.

7. He remains on the island for one year.

8. He must first visit the realm of Hades.

9. He drunkenly falls off Circe’s roof and breaks his neck.

10. They are heartbroken and sorrowful.