The Odyssey Book 1 Questions and Answers
by Homer

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Book 1 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Where is Odysseus located at the poem’s commencement?

2. Which of the Olympian deities is his nemesis?

3. What did Odysseus do to inspire the god’s wrath?

4. What is the correlation of family members between Agamemnon’s family and Odysseus’ household?

5. As whom does Athene disguise herself when she visits Telemachus?

6. Who are the chief suitors in Odysseus’ house?

7. Why does Phemius’ song disturb Penelope?

8. Who is Odysseus’ father?

9. Where is he located during the time of Book I?

10. What is Eurycleia’s association with both Odysseus and Telemachus?

1. Odysseus is on Calypso’s island.

2. His nemesis is Poseidon.

3. He wounded Polyphemus, Poseidon’s son.

4. The correlation is as follows: Agamemnon = Odysseus; Clytemnestra = Penelope; Orestes = Telemachus.

5. Athene disguises herself as Mentes.

6. The chief suitors are Antinoös and Eurymachus.

7. The song reminds her of Odysseus’ own wanderings.

8. Odysseus’ father is Laertes.

9. Laertes is on his farm removed from the main city.

10. Eurycleia was their nurse.