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The Odyssey

by Homer

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In Homer's Odyssey, where does Eurylochus explore the island with some men?

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In Homer's Odyssey, one of Odysseus' most prominent comrades is Eurylochus. In Book 10, Odysseus and company arrive on the island of Aeaea, which is the home of the goddess Circe. Upon arriving at the island, Odysseus divides his men into two groups. One group will stay by the ship, the other will explore the interior of the island. Odysseus serves as the leader of one group and Eurylochus serves as the leader of the other group. They draw lots to decide which group will do what. In this case, Eurylochus' group draws the "winning" lot:

"Then we shook lots in a bronze helmet, and brave Eurylochus’s lot leapt out. Off he went with twenty-two tearful men, leaving us behind with our grief" (A.S. Kline translation)

After this lottery, Eurylochus and his group set out for the interior of the island. When they arrive at Circe's house, the goddess invites them into her house. Eurylochus suspects treachery and remains outside. His suspicions were correct because Circe changed his comrades into pigs. Eurylochus ran back to the ship and told Odysseus, who returned to Circe's house and eventually managed to rescue his men.

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