The Odyssey Book 6 Summary and Analysis


Book 6 Summary and Analysis

New Characters
Nausikaa: princess of the Phaeaceans who greets Odysseus on Scheria

Alcinoös: king of the Phaeaceans

Arete: queen of the Phaeaceans

While Odysseus sleeps peacefully out in the wilderness of Scheria, Athene appears to Nausikaa, princess of the Phaeaceans and daughter of King Alcinoös, in a dream vision. Disguised as one of Nausikaa’s young friends, Athene suggests that Nausikaa be a dutiful daughter and potential wife, and go to wash the palace laundry. Upon awakening, Nausikaa requests a mule-drawn cart from her father, who allows her to bring the wash down to the river with some of her attendants.

The princess travels to the river, and there she and her maidservants wash the laundry and leave it out to dry in the sun. They next begin dancing and passing a ball to one another. During their game, the girls let out a tremendous cry that awakens Odysseus, who has been slumbering nearby. Hiding his private parts with some stray foliage, Odysseus appears before the young ladies. Startled by his entrance and bedraggled appearance, the girls flee in all directions. However, Nausikaa stands her ground and converses with Odysseus.

Odysseus, deciding that it would be better for him to supplicate Nausikaa from a distance rather than approach her and grasp her knees, begs her for her aid. Nausikaa grants his request, allows him to bathe and anoint himself, and then lends him some clothing. He now has the appearance of a god, thanks to some help from Athene, and...

(The entire section is 645 words.)