Ode to a Nightingale Lesson Plans
by John Keats

Ode to a Nightingale book cover
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Premium Lesson Plans and Activities

  • Ode to a Nightingale Metaphor Activity

    This activity gives students an opportunity to practice examining and analyzing metaphors. Metaphors express images, emotions, actions, experiences, and nuances through direct and indirect comparisons, allowing readers to access deeper levels of meaning in the text. In this activity, students will classify and analyze different kinds of metaphors in order...

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  • Ode to a Nightingale Allusion Activity

    This worksheet gives students an opportunity to practice identifying and analyzing allusions. Allusions broaden the scope of a text and imbue passages with deeper meaning by subtly drawing on unexplained references to literature, history, science, geography, philosophy, mythology, or other aspects of a culture. Allusions are thus a powerful tool...

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  • Ode to a Nightingale Teaching Guide

    This guide highlights some of the most salient aspects of the text before you begin teaching John Keats’s “Ode to a Nightingale.” Whether it’s your first or hundredth time, “Ode to a Nightingale” has been a mainstay of English classrooms for generations. While it has its challenging spots—deeply figurative language,...

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