October Sky

by Homer Hickam

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Why were the football players in "October Sky" sensitive to others' comments?

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For the characters in "October Sky," football scholarships were seen as the only way out of Coalwood, West Virginia.  The view of football as being a ticket out of the town might be a reason why they were so very sensitive to what was said about them.  For these kids, there was an experience of fear combined with hope about how football was perceived.  The hope would be that football could help get the boys out of Coalwood, while the fear would be that their hopes would not be realized and they would have to remain in the town and work for the coal mine.  In the end, this becomes another reason why Homer and his friends' narratives become so compelling in that they are able to forge a new path for others to follow in terms of being able to pursue their dreams and leave Coalwood.

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