October Sky

by Homer Hickam

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What was Elsie's reaction to Homer's alcohol escapades in October Sky?

Expert Answers

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Homer comes in with the reek of moonshine and he is clearly in pretty bad shape.  Before he can even come in the house he had to spend quite a bit of time puking his guts out in the ditch by the road.  After all that, he stands in front of Elsie trying to get out of any punishment, worried that she might do something with the moonshine.  He is clutching it tightly to his chest as she tells him to take it downstairs and set it down, then get cleaned up and get to bed.

In the end, she tells him that she in fact won't punish him at all because what he is going through is punishment enough.  She extracts a promise that he won't drink the stuff again then she sends him away.

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