October Sky

by Homer Hickam

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What special thing did Homer's dad do with Mica crystals for his mom in October Sky?

Expert Answers

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The crystals that Homer's dad gave to his mom were meant to symbolize the love he held for her.  Early on in their relationship, he gives Elsie the crystals and tells her that she deserves diamonds and while they are not diamonds, these crystals are the best he can do.  It shows a couple of things.  The first thing it shows is that Homer's father is capable of love and devotion, something that was not entirely present in the narrative.  This scene shows his emotional depth.  Additionally, it shows that there is a bond of love that is held between husband and wife.  In a tradition bound setting such as Coalwood, this might be overlooked or even forgotten as traditional notions of the good supersede all.  Finally, I would say that the scene reflects how the mine undermines all reality in the town.  From the love of two people to the controlling of dreams, the mine is always there and there is little else that can dislodge it from its dominant presence.

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