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October Sky

by Homer Hickam

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Details about Homer's suit in "October Sky."


In "October Sky," Homer wears a suit that symbolizes his aspirations and determination to rise above his circumstances. The suit is significant as it represents his desire to present himself professionally and be taken seriously, especially in his pursuit of a career in rocketry and science.

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What was unique about Homer's suit in October Sky?

Homer goes to Welch with his friend, Emily Sue, to buy a suit to wear to the national science fair in Indianapolis. Homer's mother has sent Emily Sue with Homer to help him pick out the suit, but when they get to the store, Homer decides he can pick out his own suit. He does not need anyone's help. He goes into the store and runs into his friend, O'Dell, who is also in Welch, trying to sell their ginseng in order to earn money to buy rocket supplies. O'Dell rejects the suits the salespeople show to Homer because they are suits for "old people." He chooses a younger-looking suit for Homer. Homer likes it, tries it on, it fits like a glove and only costs $25. So he buys it and wears it outside as he tries to find Emily Sue. When she sees him in the suit, she is shocked because the color of the suit is ORANGE. That is what is unique about it. Apparently it is a shocking color of orange.

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Which suit did Homer end up with in "October Sky" and why?

Homer goes to Welch to pick out a suit to wear to the national science fair in Indianapolis. He meets his friend, O'Dell, who helps him pick out a bright orange suit. When he goes out to find Emily Sue in the crowd, she is appalled at the color of the suit. She marches him back to the suit and they pick out another one, a more sedate color - a dark blue suit. Emily Sue says that this suit is more appropriate and that the orange one was "carnival like." Homer is upset, because he liked the orange suit, but his mother and Emily Sue both agree that the blue suit is much better. However, when Emily Sue was not looking, Homer picked out a wild tie to wear with the suit and this makes up for his disappointment that he could not buy "the O'Dell suit."

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