October Sky

by Homer Hickam

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How was Auk14 built and what was its flight like in October Sky?

Expert Answers

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It took rather a lot of work on Homer's part to trade with Mr. Ferro, first to get a drawing together, then to trade with a couple other parties for gravel, some timber for a new deck, all for the steel tubing and machining work to get the new design actually built.  Once he had acquired the necessary materials, Clinton Caton actually makes the casement longer, a full two and a half feet, but this will give them enough fuel to deal with the extra mass.  The boys fill it with rocket candy and get set to launch it.

The flight is a very successful one, it goes nearly high enough to disappear from sight, about three thousand feet they calculate, and on its return it smashed into some rocks and was mostly destroyed but the nozzle held up pretty well.

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