Other literary forms

(World Poets and Poetry)

If Octavio Paz (pahz) excelled at poetry, he is no less respected for his writings in a multitude of other humanistic disciplines. Perhaps his best-known prose work is El laberinto de la soledad: Vida y pensamiento de México (1950, rev. and enlarged 1959; The Labyrinth of Solitude: Life and Thought in Mexico, 1961), which is a discussion of Mexican culture and the Mexican psyche. El arco y la lira (1956; The Bow and the Lyre, 1971) is an outstanding study in the field of poetics. His literary criticism includes Los hijos del limo: Del romanticismo a la vanguardia (1974; Children of the Mire: Modern Poetry from Romanticism to the Avant-Garde, 1974); the Charles Eliot Norton lectures for 1971-1972; The Siren and the Seashell, and Other Essays on Poets and Poetry (1976); and Corriento alterna (1967; Alternating Current, 1973). He edited a number of important anthologies, including Antología poética (1956; Anthology of Mexican Poetry, 1958) and New Poetry of Mexico (1970), and he wrote one short play.