Obasan Chapters 24-39: Summary and Analysis

Joy Kogawa

Chapters 24-39: Summary and Analysis

New Characters
The Barker family: The owners of the sugar beet farm where the Nakanes work.

Penny Barker: The Barkers’ daughter who alternates between friendliness and snobbery.

Setsuko: A niece whom Mother and Grandma Kato were visiting in Nagasaki.

Chieko: Setsuko’s daughter who resembles Naomi.

It is the autumn of 1945, and Stephen returns home one day thrilled that the war has ended and the Allies are victorious. Though the war ends, the mistreatment of Japanese Canadians does not. Naomi wakes to find a changed tone in the house: her father is back. The family celebrates by playing music on flutes.

After the...

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