Obasan Chapters 15-23: Summary and Analysis

Joy Kogawa

Chapters 15-23: Summary and Analysis

New Characters
Nomura-obasan: An elderly woman in Slocan who lives with the Nakanes.

Rough Lock Bill: A gruff older bachelor who lives in Slocan.

Percy Bower: A white boy and bully who lives in Slocan.

Miyuki: A friend of Naomi.

Kenji: A friend of Naomi who inadvertently nearly causes her to drown.

Yuki and Reiko: Naomi’s schoolmates who snub her at the Slocan bathhouse.

It is 1942, and Naomi, Obasan, and Stephen, whose leg remains in a cast, travel by train from British Columbia east to Slocan, one of several ghost towns to be re-inhabited with Japanese Canadians forced to move from the protected zones of...

(The entire section is 2078 words.)