Chapters 1-14: Summary and Analysis

New Characters
Naomi Nakane (Nomi): The Japanese-Canadian narrator raised in Canada during WWII.

Stephen: Naomi’s older brother, who is three years older than Naomi.

Uncle Isamu Nakane (Uncle, also known as Sam): Naomi’s uncle, a boat builder who helped Obasan raise Naomi.

Aunt Emily Kato: Naomi’s aunt on her mother’s side of the family, two decades older, who focuses fiercely on the past and racial injustices done to the Japanese in Canada.

Obasan (Ayako): Naomi’s aunt who raised her, was married to Uncle, and is known as Obasan throughout the novel and for whom the novel is named.

Grandma and Grandpa Nakane: Naomi’s paternal...

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