O Pioneers! Critical Evaluation - Essay

Willa Cather

Critical Evaluation

(Critical Survey of Literature for Students)

Willa Cather’s O Pioneers! is one story of the settlement of the American frontier. The title comes from lines written by nineteenth century poet Walt Whitman, who viewed the land as inspirational and a way to commune with God. Likewise, for Cather, the frontier was legendary, almost mythological, in American culture. Cather contributes to the legend of the American frontier in O Pioneers!

The frontier is portrayed in the novel as a noble but rugged place where dreams can come true if the characters work hard and believe in the land. O Pioneers! reflects the legend of American immigration. It shows the pains, hardships, beauty, and joy of life in the heartland of the United States. One of the novel’s great strengths is its careful interplay of the legendary and the realistic.

In O Pioneers! the land plays a major role in motivation and plot development. Alexandra, for example, feels she is a part of the land. Through her endurance and ability to farm the land (while others, such as Carl Lindstrum, leave it), she achieves success and riches. In the novel, an American legend, in which the European immigrant comes to the New World to seek his or her fortune through land ownership, figures heavily. The immigrant turns the wilderness along the frontier into a farm or ranch and profits thereby. Alexandra Bergson, the protagonist of O Pioneers!, lives this American legend.

Other elements of the legendary can be seen in the work as well; it is difficult to think of unspoiled land being cultivated by isolated female and male figures without recalling the book of Genesis, and themes of innocence and its loss. To Cather’s credit, these powerful themes do not overshadow the book’s realism. Alexandra remains a particular woman living in a particular...

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