Nuruddin Farah

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Analyze the themes and main ideas in chapter 30 of "From a Crooked Rib".

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Before the final chapter of From a Crooked Rib, Elba is a rural girl living in the capital of Somalia, dealing with the themes of control and freedom in a patriarchal society. She is wondering how to reconcile her strong desire for freedom with marriage. She meets a bright man, Atwill, in Mogadishu, and they decide to marry.

The marriage makes Atwill happy, and Elba is glad of that but is not as pleased with his decision to hire a hotel room in Mogadishu, so they can sleep together before they are married. Worse, Atwill leaves the country a week after the marriage, and this leaves Elba doubting her choice. A woman in her building urges Elba to marry a wealthy man, Tiffo, to get back at Awill for leaving so soon. Elba follows the suggestion and takes up with Tiffo, but this only leads to another crisis of confidence. If everyone is free to do whatever they want whenever they want, does this really lead to happiness?

In the end, Elba decides to tell Tiffo she is married and leaves him. Atwill returns, and Elba reflects that they both married each other of their own free will because they wanted to. They decide to be transparent going forward, and Elba realizes as she crawls into bed that she is hopeful for the future. Elba has come to realize that freedom and happiness come with limits.

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