Number the Stars Summary

Annemarie Johansen lives with her family in Copenhagen. The Nazis have come to power, and Denmark has surrendered to Germany. Annemarie's older sister Lise was a member of the Danish resistance and was run down in the street by Nazi soldiers two years prior.

  • Annemarie's best friend is Ellen Rosen, a Jewish girl. Ellen's family is forced to flee Copenhagen when the Germans begin rounding up Jews for "relocation." Ellen comes to live with the Johansens.
  • Annemarie and her family go to great lengths to protect Ellen. When German soldiers search their apartment, Annemarie hides Ellen's Star of David, and Mr. Johnansen shows the soldiers a picture of young Lise, pretending she's Ellen.
  • The Johansens visit Uncle Henrik in the small coastal city of Gillileje. There, the Rosens reunite with their daughter. Uncle Henrik and his fishermen friends then smuggle the Rosens to Sweden, where they'll be safe until the war ends.
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