Nothing but the Truth: A Documentary Novel

by Avi
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Ideas for Reports and Papers

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Last Updated on July 29, 2019, by eNotes Editorial. Word Count: 432

1. Find a story in the media whose facts appear to be distorted. Explain why you do not entirely believe the story and relate your suspicions to the events in Nothing but the Truth.

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2. Is it common for reporters to jazz up stories the way Jennifer Stewart does hers? Cite some examples. Why would reporters embellish the actual circumstances?

3. Ethics are a matter of concern to many journalists. What are the ethics that journalists say should govern reporting a story like that of Miss Narwin and Philip Malloy? Do any of the journalists, named or unnamed in Nothing but the Truth, violate journalistic ethics?

4. What legal rights would Miss Narwin have in your state? Would she be able to sue anyone? Would she be able to keep her job?

5. What would be the legal rights of Philip Malloy in your state? By lying, has he lost all rights to privacy and protection from retaliation?

6. Mr. Griffin seems like a hard-bitten politician when he helps ruin Miss Narwin's career for his own political gain. What role do local elective offices like school board member play in advancing political careers? Have any well-known politicians started their careers in local office?

7. Dr. Seymour, the superintendent of schools, sacrifices justice for Miss Narwin in order to get a bigger budget approved for his district. School administrators are often portrayed in the news media as greedy (or overpaid), insensitive, and ignorant. Does Dr. Seymour fit this stereotype, or is he developed as an individual? Are his motives understandable? Are they ethical?

8. What role do Philip's parents play in the sequence of events that leads...

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