Notes From Underground Questions and Answers Part II: On the Occasion of Wet Snow (Chapters 1−5)

Fyodor Dostoevsky

Questions and Answers Part II: On the Occasion of Wet Snow (Chapters 1−5)

1. The narrator is humiliated by the unnamed officer who lifts him up by the shoulders. How does the narrator plan, and then pull off, his revenge?

2. The narrator often retreats into a fantasy world he has created. Describe his fantasy world. In the end, how do these fantasies make him feel?

3. How does the narrator describe his visits to Anton’s house? How does the narrator feel after visiting Anton?

4. Who are the three men who are planning Zverkov’s farewell dinner? How does the narrator know them? What is their attitude toward the narrator when he shows up at the apartment where they are meeting?

5. The narrator, on his way to finding the men after the dinner, has second thoughts about looking for them. What thoughts are running through his head? And what is the fantasy he has that involves Zverkov?

1. The narrator plans to confront the officer on a public street. He will stand in the officer’s way and not give in to him. To prepare for this, the narrator purchases some new clothes. He must be well dressed because he would create a scandal for not giving in to the officer, who would look better dressed than the narrator and thus of a higher social status. It takes several attempts for the narrator to confront the officer. The first few times he gives in. It makes him sick to realize that he has given in to his fears. He decides to abandon his plans, but goes back one more time, just to see the officer. When the narrator sees the officer coming, for some unexplained reason he feels he can accomplish his task. He shuts his eyes and refuses to move, and the men bump into one another. The officer moves away, however, as if nothing had happened. But the narrator goes home, finally feeling avenged. He did not move out of the way. His dignity has been spared.

2. In his fantasies, the narrator sees himself as a hero. But...

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