Notes From Underground Summary and Analysis Part I: Underground (Chapters 6−11)

Fyodor Dostoevsky

Summary and Analysis Part I: Underground (Chapters 6−11)

New Characters
Unnamed narrator: The narrator continues his monologue in the second half of this first section of the novel. He remains the only character.

The sixth chapter in this section begins with the narrator commenting on how difficult it is for him to define himself. Since he does nothing and he does this for no particular reason, such as laziness, he cannot even call himself a lazy man. If he could identify himself, then he would also be able to have self-respect. If he defined himself as an idler, one who sympathized with “everything lofty and beautiful,” at least he would have found an activity in which he could perform. But now, in his fortieth year,...

(The entire section is 2634 words.)