Chapter 15 Summary

Isabella meets with Catherine and tells her how much she is in love with James Morland. During their outing to Blaize Castle, Isabella says, James confided in her that he feels the same about her. With great exclamation, Isabella adds that she and James are engaged. She and Catherine are finally to be sisters, as Isabella has always imagined. Isabella adds that she will be closer to Catherine than she is to her real sisters. The Morlands will be more of a family to her than her own.

Isabella provides very few details about the trip. She does not reprimand Catherine for not going with them to Blaize Castle. All sentiment is focused on Isabella and her emotions. Isabella is happy that James wants to marry her but feels concerned that the Morlands will not accept her. Catherine tells her this is nonsense. Her parents would never go against whomever James has chosen. If he wants to marry Isabella, her parents will only be happy for him. This does not calm Isabella. She can think of nothing else but being rejected. When James appears, she hurries him off on his journey home. She cannot be expected to wait any longer. James will send a letter to let her know of his parents’ reaction.

John Thorpe appears as James is about to leave. He reminds Catherine of an old adage that states where there is one wedding, there are often two, meaning that he hopes he too will be married. He then asks if Catherine plans to attend the marriage ceremony of her brother. Catherine says of course she will be there. John takes this to mean more than Catherine has intended, as he does with everything else Catherine says. He has a specific agenda in his mind, and it seems that no matter how Catherine reacts to him, he takes her words and expressions to complement what he hopes to accomplish. Toward the purpose of ensuring that his sister’s wedding will encourage his own, he tells Catherine that he will soon be visiting her family. We wants to know if he will be welcome. Catherine tells him that she is sure her parents would enjoy seeing him. This makes John very hopeful, though Catherine has no hidden meaning to her response. John’s conversation continues. In reaction to everything he says, Catherine is cordial. This makes John feel encouraged. He tells Catherine that they think alike and insinuates that they are made for one another.

When Catherine leaves John and goes home, she is disappointed that Mr. and Mrs. Allen are not surprised by the news of James’ impending wedding. Mr. and Mrs. Allen had been observing how much attention James has bestowed on Isabella. They knew their relationship was becoming more serious. The only surprise for the Allens is that James left for home without consulting them. They had wished he had stopped by so they could send a greeting to Catherine’s parents.