Norse Mythology

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Is the Younger Edda based on Christianity?

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The Younger Edda, composed in the late thirteenth century, are based not on Christianity but on Norse and Icelandic folklore and mythology. Attributed to Snorri Sturluson, and also known as the Prose Edda, it is a collection of stroies about Norse gods and goddesses. However, Snorri Sturluson was a Christian, and Scandinavia, and by extension, Snorri's native Iceland, was very much integrated into Christendom by this point. Indeed, writers and intellectuals like Snorri were probably influenced by continental epic poetry such as the chansons de geste of which Song of Roland is perhaps the most prominent example. Additionally, his interpretations of the old Norse myths were undoubtedly influenced by Christianity. But the purpose of writing down the Younger Edda seems to have been, according to one expert, "antiquarian" in nature. In other words, he was seeking to glorify and perpetuate Norse culture and customs.

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