Norse Mythology

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Adalsteinsson, Jon Hnefill. "Gods and Giants in Norse Mythology." Tenemos 26 (1990): 7-22.

Discussion of the relations between gods and giants as depicted in Eddic and Skaldic literary traditions, and in the context of Old Norse religious beliefs.

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Omnibus collection of essays on Scandinavian literature and history with sections on mythology and sagas.

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Extended essays covering the major genres of Norse literature, including myths, Eddas, Skaldic poetry, sagas and romances; includes a lengthy scholarly bibliography.

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Summary and survey of the Norse pantheon, cosmology, and creation myths.

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Examines mythological themes in the political philosophy of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, with specific analysis of Eddic poems.

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A collection of critical essays on the Eddic poems.

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Collection of essays on the Havelok Tale in Old English and French sources, with discussion of the Norse origins of the story.

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Special issue on Anglo-Scandinavian England with several articles on Norse mythology in Northumbria and Skaldic poetic techniques and influences in England.

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Collection of essays examining the linguistic, literary, historical, and cultural contexts of Old Norse literature, including the Eddas and Skaldic poetry.

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Analysis of the sources of the Havelok Tale, arguing that it has roots in pre-Christian Scandinavian myths.

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Norse Mythology And Other Traditions