Norman Podhoretz

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Principal Works

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Doings and Undoings: The Fifties and after in American Writing (essays and criticism) 1964

The Commentary Reader: Two Decades of Articles and Stories [editor] (essays and journalism) 1966

Making It (memoir) 1967

Breaking Ranks: A Political Memoir (memoir) 1979

The Present Danger: Do We Have the Will to Reverse the Decline of American Power? (criticism) 1980

Why We Were in Vietnam (criticism) 1982

The Bloody Crossroads: Where Literature and Politics Meet (essays and criticism) 1986

Ex-Friends: Falling out with Allen Ginsberg, Lionel and Diana Trilling, Lillian Hellman, Hannah Arendt, and Norman Mailer (memoir) 1999

My Love Affair with America: The Cautionary Tale of a Cheerful Conservative (memoir) 2000

The Prophets: Who They Were, What They Are (history and criticism) 2002

Norman Podhoretz Reader: A Selection of His Writings from the 1950s through the 1990s [edited by Thomas L. Jeffers] (essays, memoirs, and criticism) 2004

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