Norman Lear - Essay

Norman Lear

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

I have a most peculiar complaint about Mrs. Hobson's complaint [see excerpt above]. Nigger, kike, and sheeny were the words she found missing from in "All in the Family," which, according to her, made the show dishonest. But there is another word some bigots use—some liberal bigots. You know the word they use. The one word, the hideous word. Don't even print it.

No, Mrs. Hobson, not nigger. Schwartze.

Mrs. Hobson didn't mind our not using that word. Not, I expect because she knows Archie Bunker isn't Jewish: she did acknowledge his use of the word "yenta." I'll offer another reason later….

What … is Mrs. Hobson's motive in taking out pad and pencil? Does she...

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