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[Sextet in A Minor] provides a wonderfully varied look at the way we live now in the novella, the title story, which contrasts the voices of two couples, the Tomlinsons (and their son Jimmy) whose marriage is disintegrating, and newlyweds who are just beginning. The sixth voice is Mr. Carlisle, a bachelor, another guest at the pensione in the Alps where they all stay on their brief holiday. Klein's counterpointing of contrasting voices is as amusing as it is moving…. Klein seems in complete control of her material, manages to capture speech patterns beautifully, and to probe carefully the emotions and sensibilities of those she describes. (pp. 47-8)

A review of "Sextet in A Minor: A Novella and Thirteen Stories," in Publishers Weekly, Vol. 222, No. 25, December 24, 1982, pp. 47-8.


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