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Margaret Strickland

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

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[The Sunshine Years, a sequel to Sunshine,] is composed of nine sequential episodes based on the TV series. Sam, a young leader of a struggling singing group, married Jill's mother, Kate, just before she died of cancer at 20. Raising a young daughter by himself, Sam suffers from typical mother-hen-type fears and doubts…. Though it's contemporary and fast reading, the use of profanity is questionable, as is the inconsistency of Sam's sexual code when he has affairs with sexually liberated Nora and ambitious Montana Smith (a girl) while Jill is asleep upstairs yet stutters with embarrassment when Jill matter-of-factly and innocently tells it like it is between him and Montana using terms Sam has obviously employed to explain sex to her.

Margaret Strickland, in a review of "The Sunshine Years," in School Library Journal, Vol. 22, No. 8, April, 1976, p. 90.