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Katha Pollitt

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

As readers frequently eluded by lovely apartments, interesting work and pleasant affairs may suspect, Norma Klein's approach to life is as resolutely cheerful as a suburban breakfast nook…. [In "Girls Turn Wives," nothing] seems to stop—or even momentarily waylay—her characters from growing, learning, fulfilling themselves. Even the disruption of Jess's marriage by her husband's infatuation with a wraithlike woman poet eventually serves to straighten out her marital difficulties and make her a better wife. It's nice that someone is telling women they can have both children and a career, that best of all possible worlds…. But Jess and Hannah's problems are solved so smoothly one can't help wondering if they ever really existed.

Katha Pollitt, in a review of "Girls Turn Wives," in The New York Times Book Review, April 25, 1976, p. 49.