Norma Klein

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Denise M. Wilms

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Bizou is a French child born of a black American woman, Tranquility, who went to model in Paris and married a well-known photographer. After his death she stayed because the French, according to Tranquility, are much more tolerant on racial matters. Bizou, then, is quite cosmopolitan as she embarks on an American vacation with her mother. But then her mother disappears, leaving Bizou in the charge of Nicholas, a just-met fellow traveler who is about to start med school…. [Bizou] moves easily, and Bizou's dilemma is one that holds interest. Klein's development is a bit pat: Nicholas is a little too good to be true. Also, there is the occasional obscenity and almost obligatory portrayal of unconventional lifestyles that one expects from Klein. However, she is a practiced hand at keeping readers afloat. Never deep and sometimes irritating, this is nevertheless very readable and full of popular appeal.

Denise M. Wilms, in a review of "Bizou," in Booklist, Vol. 80, No. 4, October 15, 1983, p. 360.

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