Representative Works

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Kenawa 14th/15th century?
Makigiru 14th/15th century?
Ataka 15th/16th century
Funa Benkei [Benkei in the Boat] 15th/16th century
Kane Maki 15th/16th century
Momijigara 15th/16th century
Rashomon 15th/16th century
Tamanoi 15th/16th century
Akechi Uchi 16th/17th century
Osaka Rakkyo 16th/17th century
Yoshino Hanami 16th/17th century

Motokiyo Motomasa
Sumidagawa 15th century
Utaura 15th century
Yoroboshi 15th century

Gekan Shoshin
No no Tomecho [The Noh Notebook] (treatise) 16th/17th century
Dobu Sho (treatise) 16th/17th century

Kanze Motokiyo Zeami
Fūshikaden, [7 volumes; Kadensho; The Book of the Flower] (treatises) 1400-1406
Kiyotsune before 1423
Sanemori before 1423
Takasago before 1423
Nō Sakusho [Treatise on Writing Noh Plays] (treatise) 1423
Ai no Ue [The Lady Aoi] before 1430
Hanjo [The Lady Han] before 1430
Nishikigi [The Brocade Tree] before 1430
Semimaru before 1430
Izutsu [Well Curb] c. 1430
Sarugaku Danki [Conversations About Sarugaku] (treatise) c. 1430
Shūdosho [Learning the Way] (treatise) c. 1430

Arashiyama 15th/16th century
Hogo Ura no Sho [Notes on the Back of Scrap Paper] (treatise) 15th/16th century
Ikkaku Sennin 15th/16th century
Motan Shichinsho [Personal Principles of No More Significance Than Hair] (treatise) 15th/16th century
Tobosaku 15th/16th century
Zempo Zodan [Talks with Zempo] (treatise) 15th/16th century

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