Other Literary Forms

(Critical Edition of Dramatic Literature)
ph_0111206272-Coward.jpg Noël Coward Published by Salem Press, Inc.

Noël Coward was an extraordinarily prolific playwright, lyricist, and composer, writing more than fifty plays and musicals during his lifetime. He did not limit his literary endeavors solely to drama but ventured into other genres as well. These diversions into the realm of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry proved equally successful for him. In addition to his plays, Coward wrote three novels (two unpublished), several collections of short stories, satires, a book of verse, and several autobiographical works, Present Indicative (1937), Middle East Diary (1944), and Future Indefinite (1954).

Coward’s versatility is also apparent in his original scripts for five films, his screenplays and adaptations of his hit plays, and his several essays on the modern theater that appeared in popular journals and in The Times of London and The New York Times. Like his plays, Coward’s other works reveal his distinctive satiric style, sharp wit, and clever wordplay.