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Noël Pierce Coward was born December 16, 1899. He was the child of Arthur Sabin Coward and Violet Agnes Veitch, who married late in life after meeting in a church choir. Coward’s family on his father’s side was very talented musically. They helped nurture the natural virtuosity of the child, instilling in him a lifelong love of music.

Because his birthday was so close to Christmas, Coward always received one present to satisfy both occasions, but on December 16, his mother would take him to the theater as a special treat. He first attended a matinee at the age of four, never realizing he would spend the next seventy years of his life in service to the dramatic muse. As he grew older, he found these junkets to the...

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In the two decades between World War I and World War II, Noël Peirce Coward (KOW-urd) set the style for smart, sophisticated comedies of upper-class manners. He was the son of Violet Veitch and Arthur Sabin Coward, an employee of a music publisher in London. Both his parents were musical (they had met in a church choir) but were never sufficiently talented to make their living at it. When Coward was six, the family moved to Sutton in Surrey, where the father became a traveling salesman for a piano company, and, three years later, they moved again, this time to London. There, to supplement the family income, his mother took in paying guests and launched her son’s theatrical career in 1911 by helping arrange his first professional...

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Noel Peirce Coward is celebrated as one of the most prominent and prolific talents of the modem British theater. His witty, sophisticated...

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Noel Peirce Coward—the celebrated actor, composer, and playwright once described as the person who ‘‘invented the ’20s’’—was...

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