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Characters Discussed

Jenny Blanchard

Jenny Blanchard, a milliner’s assistant, tall, rather beautiful, and independent. Frustrated by the humdrum nature of her life, she turns her unromantic suitor over to her sister and goes to meet Keith Redington, a more glamorous young man who wants her to run away with him to Alaska or Labrador. Later, Jenny feels conscience-stricken because she left her father alone and also because she feels that in admitting her love for Keith, she has given up her freedom.

Emmy Blanchard

Emmy Blanchard, her older sister, who stays at home to look after their father and the house. She is plain and domestic and also frustrated because she is in love with Jenny’s suitor. After dressing for the date Jenny has tricked Alf into making, Emmy appears looking lovely. During the course of the evening, Alf decides that Emmy is the woman for him, and they become engaged.

Alf Rylett

Alf Rylett, Jenny’s suitor, adored by Emmy, with whom he falls in love.

Keith Redington

Keith Redington, the captain of a yacht belonging to a wealthy lord. He knew Jenny for only three days during a seaside vacation, but he confidently sends her a summons to the yacht, where she finds supper for two prepared. He has romantic plans for their future, but the dream is crushed when Jenny thinks of Pa.

Pa Blanchard

Pa Blanchard, the semi-invalid father of Emmy and Jenny. He is injured in a fall after Jenny leaves for the yacht. Emmy and Alf find him on the kitchen floor and revive him.




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