Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)

Clare Savage

Clare Savage, the protagonist, a woman in her twenties. Clare is the confused daughter of a father who is desperate to find a secure place in the male-dominated power structure and a mother who desires most of all to live with some sense of dignity and self-worth. Her parents’ insecurity is reflected in Clare, who lives at various times in Jamaica, the United States, and England, always hoping to discover who she is and her place—as a black woman from a Third World country—in a world that too often refuses to recognize her kind.

Boy Savage

Boy Savage, Clare’s father. Boy leaves Jamaica with his reluctant family hoping to find a better life in the United States. He represents a certain type of black man, desperate to fit into white society. He ignores its evils, principally, what it does to his self-respect. He becomes disillusioned and feels impotent.

Kitty Savage

Kitty Savage, Clare’s mother. She reluctantly follows her husband to New York and tries to fit in, but she cannot easily fool herself into rationalizing or overlooking the bigotry that surrounds her. Her unhappiness leads to small but significant acts of rebellion that culminate in her leaving her husband to return to her homeland.


Harry/Harriet, Clare’s bisexual friend. His/her sexual confusion is a manifestation of the identity crisis that afflicts members...

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