What is the conflict and solution in No Talking?

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The book No Talking has several conflicts; however, the main conflict centers around Dave and Lynsey. Dave begins the story by trying to not talk for an entire day, but Lynsey's talking at lunch drives him to blurt out an insult to her about her talking. The argument that ensues escalates toward a standard "boys are better than girls" type argument, and an agreement is made that involves the boys and girls from the entire grade. Nobody is allowed to talk for two days except to teachers in three word segments. Who will win the bet (Dave and the boys or Lynsey and the girls) is the main conflict of the book. Some of the teachers embrace the silence they are seeing, and some fight it, which leads to some minor conflicts. The conflict is resolved when Lynsey speaks out just enough words to cause the girls' negative points to equal the boys' negative points. The competition ends in a draw. Dave realizes what Lynsey did, and the two end the story as friends.

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