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Last Updated on June 19, 2019, by eNotes Editorial. Word Count: 191

There are three characters in this story: Jack, the unnamed young woman he's having an affair with, and (very briefly) his wife. Jack seems to be a middle-aged man who has been conducting a sexual affair with a young woman who has only just, today, turned eighteen years old. He has given her a rather childish diary with a tiny key, indicating that he does think of her as a child, at least to some extent. He even refers to her as a "little kid" at one point, as she's hiding on the floor of his pickup truck while Jack's wife drives by in her Cadillac. His wife is apparently completely oblivious to her husband's affair, and she honks twice by way of greeting when she passes his car. Jack's wife seems relatively innocent, ignorant of his affair; the young girl is quite innocent and naive, believing that Jack will, one day soon, leave his wife and marry her; and Jack himself seems to be the jaded, cynical one. He believes that this young woman will move on from him relatively quickly and learn that growing up is "bittersweet" at best.