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Conduct some interviews with some first- and second-generation immigrants from any country, either from your school or the local community, and make a class presentation on the different attitudes each generation has to its country of origin and to the United States. How do the second-generation immigrants, born as U.S. citizens, regard the United States? Do they make efforts to learn about the culture of their parents?

Asian immigrants are sometimes known as the model minority. Research this expression. What does it mean and why are Asians thought to embody it? Is the term accurate? Do Asian immigrants succeed more consistently than, say, Hispanic immigrants? If so, why should this be? Write an essay in which you describe your research and present some conclusions.

Write an essay in which you examine how the Kanno family is presented in chapter 6 of the novel. How does Mr. Kanno’s life embody the American dream? How does his family reflect the ideal of Japanese immigrant assimilation of mainstream American culture?

Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper, warning readers of the dangers, in the current U.S. war on terror, of treating Arab Americans or Muslim Americans any differently from any other group of American citizens. As a main part of your letter, use the example of the unjustified internment of Japanese Americans in the 1940s. Include pertinent facts and relate them to the present situation in the United States.

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