Christian Themes

(Literary Essentials: Christian Fiction and Nonfiction)

Jesus preached a message of love and radical poverty. He told those who wanted to follow him to love God, love their neighbor, and give all that they had to the poor. Mother Teresa dedicated her life to following those edicts, as do her fellow Missionaries of Charity. They minister to those whom the world has forgotten, seeing Jesus in each person for whom they care. In No Greater Love, Mother Teresa provided a window on her life and that ministry.

The book is essentially a handbook for living the Christian life. While all are not called to make a radical choice of poverty as Mother Teresa did, everyone is called to minister to those nearest at hand. We are called to love, beginning with those in our own families and then reaching out to the greater community. We are called to be generous and to give what we have to the poor. We do not need to make grand gestures; it is often in the smallest acts that love can be found.

Mother Teresa provides a wonderful example of how to live the Christian life. She lived Jesus’ message of love and, in this volume, invited others to do the same. She knew that the road to the Christian life is not easy; it often involves suffering and pain, loneliness and hunger that are both spiritual and physical. She invited her readers, however, to turn that pain over to Jesus, seeing Jesus in one another and loving as Jesus loved.