Chapter 8 Summary

Bell hopes that he will leave a good legacy behind him. There has not been an unsolved homicide in Terrell County for forty-one years, but now he has nine in one week. He believes that criminals do not even think about the law. He is alive because criminals do not have any respect for him and thus do not feel threatened. He is beginning to believe in Satan once more; he sees this as the only explanation for the increase in evil all over the country.

Moss and the girl stop for a meal. The girl is curious about Moss’s background, but he will not give any information. He thinks she wants to be a bad girl, and he warns her that trouble can come into her life at any time. He jokes that he could be meaning to dump her body out in the desert. He gives her a thousand dollars to make her way to California. They drive to Van Horn and rent two motel rooms. Moss buys her a beer even though she is under-aged. She offers to sleep with him and hints that he must be gay when he refuses. Eventually, Moss tells her that he is married and plans on sticking with his wife. He is heading to El Paso to meet up with her.

Chigurh stops at a car wash to clean the blood off the Barracuda. Then he heads back out onto the highway.

Sheriff Bell is heading toward Van Horn. He passes a burning car attended by a couple of police officers, but he does not stop. When he arrives in Van Horn, he goes to a motel and meets a sheriff he knows. He learns that there was a shootout at the motel. Moss and the girl are dead. Bell goes to the morgue and can identify Moss despite the gunshot wounds to his face. He dreads having to be the one to tell Carla Jean. He heads out toward El Paso but changes his mind and goes back to the motel. He thinks Chigurh may still be there. He calls in a report to the sheriff’s office, thinking that their arrival will cause Chigurh to take off, but Chigurh is gone. He had found the money case hidden in the vent in Moss’s room before he killed Moss and the girl. Bell drives on to El Paso, where he breaks the news to Carla Jean. All he can say is how sorry he is. Carla Jean tells him that she will shoot him if he says that one more time.